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INT : A new challenge in integrative neurosciences

Bridging the gap between fundamental and clinical research

- Carry out world class research in fundamental neurosciences, from cellular to cognitive levels
- Bridging levels of organization of the nervous system within a functional - approach to understand the neural underpinnings of our behaviour and of their dysfunctions in neurological and psychiatric diseases

- A new building : 4500m2 devoted to integrative neurosciences on the Timone medical school Campus

pour plus d’information http://www.nature.com/nm/journal/v2...

Communiqué de presse national


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Recent publications

  • Brovelli A., Badier J.-M., Bonini F., Bartolomei F., Coulon O., and Auzias G. (2017). Dynamic Reconfiguration of Visuomotor-Related Functional Connectivity Networks. The Journal of Neuroscience, 37: 839-853.

  • Gekas N., Meso A.I., Masson G.S., and Mamassian P. (2017). A Normalization Mechanism for Estimating Visual Motion across Speeds and Scales. Current Biology, 27: 1514-1520.e3.

  • Khoei M.A., Masson G.S., and Perrinet L.U. (2017). The Flash-Lag Effect as a Motion-Based Predictive Shift. PLOS Computational Biology, 13: e1005068.

  • Awwad Shiekh Hasan B., Valdes-Sosa M., Gross J., and Belin P. (2016). “Hearing faces and seeing voices”: Amodal coding of person identity in the human brain. Scientific Reports, 6: 37494.

  • Comte M., Schön D., Coull J.T., Reynaud E., Khalfa S., Belzeaux R., Ibrahim E.C., Guedj E., Blin O., Weinberger D.R., and Fakra E. (2016). Dissociating Bottom-Up and Top-Down Mechanisms in the Cortico-Limbic System during Emotion Processing. Cerebral Cortex, 26: 144-155.

  • Ego C., Bonhomme L., Orban de Xivry J.-J., Da Fonseca D., Lefèvre P., Masson G.S., and Deruelle C. (2016). Behavioral characterization of prediction and internal models in adolescents with autistic spectrum disorders. Neuropsychologia, 91: 335-345.

  • Jaouen F. and Gascon E. (2016). Understanding the Role of miR-33 in Brain Lipid Metabolism: Implications for Alzheimer's Disease. Journal of Neuroscience, 36: 2558-2560.

  • Ricard C., Tchoghandjian A., Luche H., Grenot P., Figarella-Branger D., Rougon G., Malissen M., and Debarbieux F. (2016). Phenotypic dynamics of microglial and monocyte-derived cells in glioblastoma-bearing mice. Scientific Reports, 6: 26381.

  • Roux S., Matonti F., Dupont F., Hoffart L., Takerkart S., Picaud S., Pham P., and Chavane F. (2016). Probing the functional impact of sub-retinal prosthesis. eLife, 5.

  • Tallinen T., Chung J.Y., Rousseau F., Girard N., Lefèvre J., and Mahadevan L. (2016). On the growth and form of cortical convolutions. Nature Physics, 12: 588-593.

  • Zénon A., Duclos Y., Carron R., Witjas T., Baunez C., Régis J., Azulay J.-P., Brown P., and Eusebio A. (2016). The human subthalamic nucleus encodes the subjective value of reward and the cost of effort during decision-making. Brain, 139: 1830-1843.
  • + publications

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