timo van Kerkoerle

6 octobre 2020

ATTENTION c’est un LUNDI à 16h

Unité INSERM-CEA 562 "Neuroimagerie Cognitive, NeuroSpin, Gif-sur-Yvette

Cortical mechanisms of attention and working memory

Invité par Guillaume Masson

Abstract :

Our perception is an inherently active process. We dynamically select information that is behaviorally relevant for us at given moments in time, enabling us to interact effectively with the world around us. Whereas this ability is thought to depend on feedback from higher cortical areas to early sensory areas, the cortical mechanisms remain poorly understood. Here, we investigated the cortical mechanisms of attention and working memory in monkey primary visual cortex (V1). We found a robust effect of both attention and working memory on spiking activity in V1. The working memory signal could be abolished with a mask, but reappeared at a later point in time. Furthermore, by recording simultaneously in the different layers of the cortex we found that attention and working memory gave rise to feedback signatures corresponding to the modulation of spiking activity and synaptic input to V1. These results provide new insights in the laminar circuits involved in the top-down modulation of activity in early visual cortex in the presence and absence of visual stimuli. Developments in multi-photon imaging have recently made it possible to visualize the activity of large populations of neurons, and relate the activity of these neurons to their anatomical connections and cell-type specificity. We have developed techniques to apply multi-photon imaging to non-human primates, providing the exciting potential to reveal a next level of detail in the cortical mechanisms underlying our perception and cognition.

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