Séminaire pédagogique de Jòzsef Fiser-1 (20_03_23)

lundi 20 février 2023
Publié le 03/02/2023

Course 1: Monday, February 20, 9-12 AM, Salle Gastaut

Dr Jòzsef Fiser (Central European University) https://www.visionlab-ceu.org/

Designing and conducting learning experiments for humans and other animals.

In this course, first we review the main types of learning and their characteristics. Next, we take a closer look at how and why perceptual and learning processes could or should be treated jointly. We will formulate an argument about which type of learning suits best investigations of learning in the brain. Next, we will define the requirements of a good experimental design and methodology for learning experiments. Finally, we will go through some case studies of both experiments and their analyses that allow drawing generalizable conclusions about learning and its relation to perceptual processes.


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