CIVIS Summer School 18-21 July 2022

18/07/2022 - 21/07/2022
Publié le 02/06/2022

CIVIS summer school Advancements in experimental and clinical neuroscience of motor and cognitive systems in neurodegenerative diseases

Deadline for application for AMU students : June 15, 2022, at hour 23:59 CEST (Rome, Paris, Berlin time)
📍 INT, Timone Campus

In the framework of the educational initiatives of the CIVIS Domain 15 “Neurophysiology, Neurosciences, and Neurodegenerative Diseases”, we kindly invite all PhD fellows involved in Neurosciences at Aix Marseille Université  to submit an application for the participation in the Summer School entitled Advancements in experimental and clinical neuroscience of motor and cognitive systems in neurodegenerative diseases“ (in person with some virtual lectures) to be held from 18 to 21 July 2022 at an Aix Marseille Université (AMU) venue.

In the application process, the PhD students should send their CV and a cover letter indicating their motivation as well as a send a short outline of their research project (1.000 words) to alexandre.eusebio@ap-hm.frmira.didic@ap-hm.fr. The deadline for AMU students is June 15, 2022, at hour 23:59 CEST (Rome, Paris, Berlin time). Students whose applications will be accepted will receive a notification on June 20, 2022. Notably,  “Registration is free of charge”. There are still some slots available.


CIVIS Health Domain 15         

This summer school focuses on clinical, neuroimaging, computational, fundamental, innovative therapeutic approaches and ethical aspects of diagnosis in Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsonian syndromes.

Lectures, practical workshops, and career development/funding sessions will allow the students to acquire specific as well as transferable skills.

Poster presentations, informal discussions in small groups, and a summary of the highlights/take-home messages are also planned to enhance cohesion between students and teachers from all CIVIS partners.

Main topics addressed

  1. Biomarkers in neurodegenerative diseases (AD and PD)
  2. Computational/bioinformatic aspects of neurodegeneration
  3. Fundamental aspects of neurodegenerative diseases
  4. Therapeutic approaches in neurodegenerative diseases
  5. Perspectives in Neurodegenerative diseases
  6. Learning outcomes
  7. To acquire state-of-the-art knowledge on clinical and fundamental features of neurodegenerative diseases (AD and PD)
  8. To acquire multidisciplinary state-of-the-art knowledge on advances in biomarkers in  neurodegenerative diseases (AD and PD)
  9. To become familiar with up-to-date research in the evolving field of neurodegenerative diseases (AD and PD)
  10. To gain knowledge about innovative therapeutic approaches to neurodegenerative diseases
  11. To gain awareness of the necessity of an interdisciplinary approach for a complex field that necessitates integrating concepts from ethics, fundamental and clinical sciences

Basic info

Dates: 18-21 July 2022CIVIS scholarships: 20
Format: PhysicalECTS: 2*
Location: Marseille, FranceLanguage: English (B2)
Individual workload: 40 hoursDuration: 3 full days and 1 half-day

This course will be running for 3,5 days from July 18 to 21, 2022 (29 hours  + 21 hours of individual workload for poster presentation).

*The recognition of ECTS depends on your home university. Reach out to the CIVIS contact point within your university for further information.


This CIVIS course is open to PhD students at CIVIS member universities and from any field related to neuroscience. A thesis research project related to Neuroscience will be valued. A B2 level of English is required. 

Applications process

Students from our member universities should send their CVs and a cover letter indicating their motivation as well as a send a short outline of their research project (1.000 words) to alexandre.eusebio@ap-hm.fr and mira.didic@ap-hm.fr.

The application deadline is 15 May 2022 at midnight.

Selected students will be notified on 20 May 2022.


The students will be required to prepare a poster on their PhD project to be presented and discussed during the course. Each student will present and defend with all the participants their ongoing thesis research. Moreover, the students will need to complete a questionnaire related to the contents of the course.

General Eligibility Criteria for CIVIS Courses

Applicants need to be enrolled at their home university in order to be eligible for selection and participation.  If uncertain about your status at your home university (part-time or exchange students etc) please check with your home university’s website or International Office. 

Applicants who will be receiving other Erasmus funds for the duration of the course are not entitled to funding. Participation in the course may still be possible under “zero-grant” status, but applicants should contact their home university in order to confirm this.