Workshop on Computational Neurophysiology

6 mai 2019

6th of May 2019 at the INT

This workshop will focus on computational methods for the analysis of human (MEG, EEG and SEEG) and NHP (LFP) neurophysiological data using a network perspective. The goal is to discuss the different computational approaches used at the INT and INS. In addition, we will have the pleasure to host Robin Ince from Glasgow University.

Here is the list of speakers and preliminary title :

  • Robin Ince - Information theory approaches
  • Bruno Giordano - Measuring representational interactions in the cerebral auditory network
  • Lyle Muller - Multichannel recordings in neuroscience : new computational methods for spatiotemporal dynamics
  • Etienne Combrisson - Machine Learning and human intracranial SEEG recording
  • Andrea Brovelli - Information flow patterns and temporal brain networks
  • Demian Battaglia - Information Dynamics
  • Christian Benar - Signal processing in MEG, SEEG and simultaneous MEG-SEEG recordings

Please note the date on your agenda if you are interested and fill in the registration form here. Registration is mandatory and lunch is free (kindly offered by the INT) ONLY for those who registred !!!

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