Marco Pagani

26 février 2016


Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, National Research Council, Rome, Italy

Impact of EMDR treatment in functional and anatomical neuroimaging

invité par le PhD program

Abstract : Research focused on EMDR has dramatically grown and neuroimaging represents a powerful tool to investigate its neurobiological correlates. The impact of EMDR on cortical and sub-cortical brain regions involved in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has been demonstrated by the association of symptoms disappearance and the normalization of cortical hyper- and hypo-activation. Furthermore, patients non-responding to EMDR showed before therapy lower neuronal density in limbic regions (Nardo et al 2010). EEG investigations monitoring in real time the cortical activations occurring during bilateral ocular desensitization made of EMDR the first psychotherapy in which neurobiological correlates have been depicted in real time during therapy sessions (Pagani et al 2012).

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