Francis Szele

7 mars 2014

séminaire tutoré

Univ Oxford, Dept Physiol, Anatomy and Genetics, Oxford, UK

Robustness and functional relevance of adult neurogenesis in man and mouse

invité par François Feron

Abstract : The (re-)discovery of postnatal and adult neurogenesis twenty years ago was heralded with great hope for its therapeutic potential. I will discuss the state of the field and use examples from our work to illustrate the main points. A broad international effort has probed the potential for stimulating endogenous repair and most data point to subventricular zone (SVZ) cells being beneficial in the context of brain injury. Nevertheless full clinically relevant repair via these endogenous cells has not been achieved in preclinical models. Instead, the SVZ and the hippocampal dentate gyrus have become powerful platforms for neurogenesis mechanism discovery. Though studies consistently show that latent stem cells respond to injury, the relevance of constitutive human SVZ neurogenesis has been controversial. Recently, studies suggest that newborn human SVZ derived neurons migrate to the striatum, re-invigorating the SVZ’s therapeutic potential.

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