Etienne Coutureau

24 septembre 2021

Bordeaux Neurocampus-INCIA, CNRS UMR 5287

"Cortical Control of Choice : A neurobehavioral perspective"

invité par Andrea Brovelli

Cortical control of choice : a neurocognitive perspective

Appropriate decision-making is critical for adapting to a changing environment. Every day, we must make decisions based on internal goals, and the expectation that a given action will lead to goal achievement. Such decisions are experimentally defined as “goal-directed.” Several regions of the mammalian cortex are involved in the integration of sensory, affective, and cognitive information to guide flexible choice between competing actions. In this seminar, I will outline past and current research in rats which has provided evidence that the coordination of flexible action control results from the integration of cognitive processes within distinct prefontal areas.

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