Clément Léna

6 juin 2014

Séminaire Tutoré


The cerebello-cortical dialogue in motor control

invité par Alexa Riehle

Abstract : Most studies of the cerebellar contribution to motor control have hitherto focused on the feed-forward action of the cerebellum. In this configuration, the cerebellum adds online corrections to on-going motor commands performing a fine tuning of the movements to the current sensori-motor context. However, the cerebellum is reciprocally connected to the cerebral cortex and is therefore in position to exert a feedback on the cerebral cortex. We have studied such feedback loops in the whisker system of the rodent. We first identified a territory of the cerebellar cortex reciprocally connected with the motor cortex and we then studied how the optogenetic manipulation of this territory modifies the ongoing movements. This provides a demonstration of the existence of functional loops between the cerebellum and the cerebral cortex and the contribution of such loops to finely adjust movements.

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