IT and Scientific Computing

NIT (Neuroinformatics and Information Technology) is the computing platform at INT. The missions of the NIT are as follows:

  • administrating and operating all the hardware and software resources of the laboratory (servers, network equipment)
  • guaranteeing the performance and availability of the information system, and security of the infrastructure
  • managing all desktop computers at INT, as well as computers controlling the experimental stations
  • providing the community with a Computing Center for Neuroscience (512 core computing cluster, 210TB storage cluster and associated tools)
  • supporting INT research projects in the field of data organization and processing (signal and image processing, bioinformatics, automatic learning)
  • ensuring a proper management of data after acquisition, from storage to processing, indexing and formatting.

The NIT is composed of a "Data and Scientific Computing" cell and a "System Infrastructure, Network, and High Performance Computing" cell. Like the other INT platforms, the management of the NIT is twofold, with a scientific manager and a technical manager.

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