Call for applications to PhD Scholarships in Neuroscience

Aix-Marseille University (AMU) Call for applications to PhD Scholarships in Neuroscience

In 2015, our PhD program in Integrative and Clinical Neurosciences will grant three PhD scholarships to excellent Master graduates from top-ranked non-French universities.

The selection process will include the following steps :

  • Twenty research projects of excellence from AMU laboratories have been selected by the board of the PhD program.
  • Applicants will have to select and rank two out of these research projects and will motivate the reasons of their choice.
  • The selection committee will shortlist 10 students that will be individually interviewed early July.
  • The final decision will be known in July and the three successful candidates will start their PhD studies in October.

Guidelines for students

The scholarships are open to high performing Master graduates from top ranked non-French universities (or any equivalent diploma authorizing them to enroll in a PhD program). The application form is available on the PhD program website : and below

  • Applicants must provide by email to edsvs-neuroscience-phd-program chez :
  1. a resume,
  2. a half-page document highlighting the adequacy between the applicant’s background and the two elected research projects (see the list of Research projects)
  3. a letter of motivation,
  4. two letters of recommendation (please use the PhD-Evaluation-Form-2015 below)
  • Closing date for applications : Sunday 14 June, at midnight (French time).

General information

  • How and when do students learn of the decision ? Selection of PhD candidates will be made soon after the final individual interview, early July. Because some applicants may decline a scholarship, it is possible that some applicants receive their notification of selection a week after the final decision.
  • What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award ? Scholarship recipients must sign a Postgraduate Scholarships Contract agreeing to abide by the attached regulations. Recipients will be required to devote themselves full-time to their program of research during the tenure of the scholarship.
  • Selection committee : three members of the PhD program board, three members of the AMU neuroscience community and one representative of AMU Doctoral School. None of them will propose a research project.
  • Scholarship value : Net monthly salary : 1,363 €
  • Expenses : applicants will pay the annual tuition fee (around 500 €) and, when needed, the visa fee.
  • Tenure of award : 3 years.
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