Aldo Badiani

16 mars 2012

La Sapienzia, Rome, Italy

Choice about heroin vs cocaine : it’s all about location

invité par Christelle Baunez

The publication of the psychomotor stimulant theory of addiction in 1987 and the demonstration that addictive drugs increase dopamine concentrations in the rat mesolimbic system in 1988 have led to a predominance of psychobiological theories that consider addiction to opiates (such as heroin) and to psychostimulants (such as cocaine) as essentially identical phenomena. Indeed, current theories of addiction : hedonic allostasis, incentive sensitization, aberrant learning, and fronto-striatal dysfunction, all argue for a unitary account of drug addiction. I will present clinical and pre-clinical findings that challenge this view and will argue that heroin and cocaine reward are behaviorally and neurobiologically distinct. These findings may have important implications for addiction treatment, addiction theories, and future research.<:DIV>