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Selection de publications

  • Schaller S., Buttigieg D., Alory A., Jacquier A., Barad M., Merchant M., Gentien D., de la Grange P., et Haase G. (2017). Novel combinatorial screening identifies neurotrophic factors for selective classes of motor neurons. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201615372.

  • Bellouze S., Baillat G., Buttigieg D., de la Grange P., Rabouille C., et Haase G. (2016). Stathmin 1/2-triggered microtubule loss mediates Golgi fragmentation in mutant SOD1 motor neurons. Molecular Neurodegeneration, 11.

  • Rabouille C. et Haase G. (2016). Editorial: Golgi Pathology in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 9.

  • Schäfer M.K., Bellouze S., Jacquier A., Schaller S., Richard L., Mathis S., Vallat J.-M., et Haase G. (2016). Sensory neuropathy in progressive motor neuronopathy (pmn) mice is associated with defects in microtubule polymerization and axonal transport. Brain Pathology.

  • Sferra A., Baillat G., Rizza T., Barresi S., Flex E., Tasca G., D’Amico A., Bellacchio E., Ciolfi A., Caputo V., Cecchetti S., Torella A., Zanni G., Diodato D., Piermarini E., Niceta M., Coppola A., Tedeschi E., Martinelli D., Dionisi-Vici C., Nigro V., Dallapiccola B., Compagnucci C., Tartaglia M., Haase G., et Bertini E. (2016). TBCE Mutations Cause Early-Onset Progressive Encephalopathy with Distal Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The American Journal of Human Genetics, 99: 974-983.

  • Haase G. et Rabouille C. (2015). Golgi Fragmentation in ALS Motor Neurons. New Mechanisms Targeting Microtubules, Tethers, and Transport Vesicles. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 9.

  • Toli D., Buttigieg D., Blanchard S., Lemonnier T., Lamotte d’Incamps B., Bellouze S., Baillat G., Bohl D., et Haase G. (2015). Modeling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in pure human iPSc-derived motor neurons isolated by a novel FACS double selection technique. Neurobiology of Disease, 82: 269-280.

  • Bellouze S., Schafer M.K., Buttigieg D., Baillat G., Rabouille C., et Haase G. (2014). Golgi fragmentation in pmn mice is due to a defective ARF1/TBCE cross-talk that coordinates COPI vesicle formation and tubulin polymerization. Human Molecular Genetics, 23: 5961-5975.
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