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Année non précisée

  • s. d. Global Perturbation of Initial Geometry in a Biomechanical Model of Cortical Morphogenesis,. .
  • Clouchoux C., Coulon O., Anton J.-L., Mangin J.-F., et Régis J. s. d. A new cortical surface parcellation model and its automatic implementation. .
  • Guedj E., Belenotti P., Serratrice J., Ene N., Pineau S., Donnet A., Mundler O., et Weiller P.-J. s. d. Partially Reversible Cortical Metabolic Dysfunction in Familial Hemiplegic Migraine With Prolonged Aurahead_1634. Head & Face Pain.
  • Nelson D.A., Krupsky S., Pollack A., Aloni E., Belkin M., Vanzetta I., Rosner M., et Grinvald A. s. d. Running title: Functional optical imaging of the eye. .
  • Operto G., Bulot R., Anton J.-L., et Coulon O. s. d. Anatomically informed convolution kernels for the projection of fMRI data on the cortical surface. .
  • Santos A., Miles D., Rosset D., et Deruelle C. s. d. Human faces do have something special: Evidence from facial emotion processing in Williams syndrome. .

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