Rochelle Ackerley

8 février 2019

Tutored seminar, exceptionnellement à 13:30 !

Laboratoire de Neurosciences Sensorielles et Cognitives - UMR 7260, CNRS – AMU, Centre St Charles, Pôle 3C, Marseille

Artificial touch in humans : sensations evoked and cortical responses

invitée par le PhD Programme

Abstract : Prosthetic devices have advanced greatly in the past few years, where it is now possible to re-gain the use of a hand after amputation, including the movement of individual fingers. What is lacking is feedback from this to close the sensorimotor loop and provide precise and varied sensory inputs. This seminar will focus on how sensations of touch may be generated artificially in humans and how this may be used to provide feedback for amputees while using prosthetics. I will cover how nerve stimulation may be accomplished to the resulting responses found from this in the brain, as well as speculate on the future possibilities

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