Network dynamics at mesoscopic scales

19 juin 2015 - 19 juin 2015

International Workshop in Marseille

First inter-team INT workshop

This workshop on « Network dynamics at mesoscopic scales  » will be held at the INT on June 18-19 (see program ).

The mesoscopic scale refers usually to the neuronal networks confined to a few millimeters in which the vast majority of neuronal interactions are found. It is therefore astonishing to realize that, in comparison to micro or macroscopic scales, mesoscopic networks have been largely under-investigated.

New imaging and recording platforms are now used by 3 INT teams (P3M, COMCO, INVIBE) to probe the network dynamics at the mesoscopic scale. In this context, the aim of this international workshop will be to discuss the distinctive features of the mesoscopic networks and to consider the development of coordinated approaches at the INT.

The workshop will mainly focus on 3 functional systems at the core of INT research, the spinal cord, the cortical motor and visual systems with some insights from other sensory modalities. Talks will be given by local and world-leading international experts that will address this topic from an anatomical, physiological, signal processing and theoretical points of view.

We hope that many of you will join this event. We will soon give here a link for registration (free but mandatory).

The organizing committee, Sebastien Zanella, Jean-Charles Viemari, Thomas Brochier and Frédéric Chavane

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