13 avril 2015

Marseille Young Autism Database


MYAD dataset is used in :

G. Auzias, M. Viellard, S. Takerkart, N. Villeneuve, F. Poinso, D. Da Fonséca, N. Girard, C. Deruelle, Atypical sulcal anatomy in young children with autism spectrum disorder, NeuroImage : Clinical, Volume 4, 2014, Pages 593-603, ISSN 2213-1582,

  • We kindly request that the corresponding article be cited appropriately.
  • The data has been de-identified, which means that any link between the identity of the subjects and their data were destroyed. This includes removal of facial structures from MRI data.
  • Participants were scanned on the same 1.5T Siemens symphony upgraded TIM scanner of the La Timone University Hospital in a clinical setting. The imaging data for the control children were generated during the same routine clinical workup as patients. In particular, all children were scanned under deep sedation by mask induction with cevoflurane and anesthesia maintenance with intravenous propofol and with an injection of gadolinium. All injections were performed by board-certified clinical experts. The clinical examination included the acquisition of two high-resolution 3D full-brain anatomical MRIs.
  • The first set was obtained from a 3D T1 inversion recovery (IR) sequence with 1.1mm isotropic resolution acquired in the sagittal plane (160 slices, 1.1mm slice thickness, 226 x 256 acquisition matrix, TR=4000ms, TE=407ms, TI=350ms).
  • The second set was obtained after gadolinium injection with 1mm isotropic resolution 3D gradient echo T1 sequence (MPRAGE) acquired in the sagittal plane (160 slices, 1mm slice thickness, 256 x 256 acquisition matrix, TR=1880ms, TE=2.92ms, flip angle=15).

Dataset could be downloaded here :

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