Surname : Bjorg
Phone : 04 91 32 40 40
Fonction : Chercheur
Grade : CRCN
Office : 3.08


My work is aimed at understanding local and large-scale dynamics of visuomotor integration and attention in non-human primates (NHPs).

My current research focuses on complementarities and interactions between motor cortical areas during visuomotor behavior. The following key aspects describe my ongoing projects: (i) we use a complex visuomotor task where the NHP must choose among several visual cues to select the appropriate motor response, (ii) we record spikes and local field potentials from two adjacent motor areas (M1 and PMd), to elucidate their complementarities and interactions during visuomotor behavior, (iii) we use linear multi-electrode (laminar) arrays, allowing simultaneous recordings and unprecedented description of the functional task-involvement of the different motor cortical input and output layers, (iv) we consider coherent brain oscillations, e.g. in the beta range, as a possible indicator of inter-areal communication and network interactions, studying their modulations with changing task context and behavioral performance, (v) subsequently extending this experimental approach by also recording laminar data from parietal cortex, and electrocorticography (ECoG) from visual to motor cortical areas will allow determining the large-scale visuomotor oscillatory networks in which the local motor cortical oscillations are embedded.

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