James M. Bower

25 janvier 2012

Computational Neurobiology, University of Texas Health Science Center, Department of Biology, University of Texas, San Antonio, TX, USA

What does the cerebellum do ? Isn’t it time we figured it out ?

Invité par Laurent Goffard

For more than 100 years, we have known the neuronal structure of the cerebellum, and there has been a general consensus that the cerebellum is involved in some aspect of movement coordination, yet, we still lack a comprehensive theory of cerebellar function that links its structure to its function. Even worse, largely due to the ability to image working human brains, the last 10 years have seen a dramatic expansion in the number of behaviors presumed to involve the cerebellum, especially in the cognitive domain. In this talk, I will describe how structurally realistic models of cerebellar cortex have led to a fundamentally new view of cerebellar cortical function, which suggests a role in sensory rather than motor coordination.

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