Didier Grandjean

14 février 2013

Neuroscience of Emotion and Affective Dynamics Lab, Fac. Psychologie et des Sciences de l’Education, Université de Genève, and Swiss Centre for Affective Sciences, Genève, Suisse

Emotions : The synchronized brain

invité par Christelle Baunez

The emotions are complex phenomena implying a series of distributed neuronal mechanisms allowing the system to prepare for actual behaviors and patterns of expressivity via action tendencies, autonomic reactions and changes in the motivation system. The functional and effective connectivity approaches are essential to better understand the relationships between subcortical nuclei including amygdala and basal ganglia, with cortical regions involved in emotional processing. Using intracranial recordings in the context of pharmaco-resistant epilepsy and deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus and other basal ganglia in humans we are investigating the neuronal subprocesses involved in the emergence of temporally organized neural co-activation patterns at the cortical and subcortical levels that are essential for generating emotions and related feelings.

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