DE HAAN Marcel

Prénom : Marcel
Téléphone : 04 91 32 41 40
Fonction : Doctorant
Grade : Etudiant
Bureau : R+3


Developing new experimental paradigms for massively parallel electrophysiological recordings of NHP primary cortical areas ; a joint venture between the department of Computational and Systems Neuroscience (INM-6 Jülich) & the department of Neurophysiology (INT Marseille).

Research interests :

  • Deciphering electrophysiological correlates connecting distinct cortical areas by investigating the coordination of primary input and output areas in different behavioral conditions
  • Designing adjustable training protocols which allow conditioned responses to manifest themselves within test-subjects
  • Recording local field potential (LFP) and neuronal spiking of monkey primary visual and motor cortical areas in parallel


  • de Haan M.J., Brochier T.G., Grün S., Riehle A., et Barthelemy F.V. (2018). Real-time visuomotor behavior and electrophysiology recording setup for use with humans and monkeys. Journal of Neurophysiology.
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