Prénom : Elodie
Téléphone : 04 91 32 40 34
Fonction : Ingénieur en techniques biologiques
Grade : IGE
Bureau : 2.12


After 11 years of experience as an engineer in Immunology on the GEMTis platform in Luminy/ Marseille, I joined 10th October 2016 the Gascon-Gonzalo lab at the Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone (INT)/ Marseille. When I arrived in this young team, I had to set up all the logistics. I had of course to learn and quickly master the scientifical thematic as well as the techniques to become a technical reference in the team miRCos. My researches focused on identify miRNAs involved in molecular behavioral control in mice. I create plasmid vectors expressing the miRNAs of interest coupled to fluorescent proteins, I transfecte them in HEK 293 cells to create stable cell lines and study them in FACS or RT-quantitative PCR. My training of surgery within animal experimentation at designer level will allow me to inject plasmid vectors into the mouse brain, and maybe soon in other animal models, in order to compare results in vitro and in vivo. Like all other permanent technical persons at the institute, I work at 20% on a platform. I am responsible for the genotyping service of the NeuroBioTools platform (NBT). My role is to advise and supervise genotyping strategies. I’m really happy to be working at INT and the institute staff seems happy to have me as a co-worker !

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