Brian Lau

27 septembre 2013 - 27 septembre 2013

ICM, Paris

The integration of cognition and emotion in the amygdala

invité par Paul Apicella


Abstract : The amygdala is a richly connected subcortical structure critical for our emotional repertoire. As organisms interact with their environments, the positive and negative outcomes associated with different stimuli are important quantities for guiding appropriate behavior. Moreover, these value estimates must be updated when environmental contingencies change. Although the amygdala is well known to for its role in fear conditioning, there is increasing evidence that it is involved in a wider range of functions.

In this talk, I will present work examining two aspects of amygdala function. First, I will discuss experiments suggesting a role for the amygdala in guiding spatial attention, potentially through interactions with lower level visual cortices. Second, I will discuss experiments characterizing the interaction between the amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex during reversal learning involving both rewarding and aversive outcomes. These data highlight a role for the amygdala in coordinating and influencing a broad array of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses depending upon both positive and negative outcomes.

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