Bijan Pesaran

17 septembre 2013

Center for Neural Science, New York University, New York, USA

Spike-field coherence and the neural computations that underlie looking and reaching

invité par Frédéric Chavane

Abstract : In this talk, I will present the dynamics of neuronal activity in two areas of the posterior parietal cortex that support looking and reaching, area LIP and the parietal reach region, PRR. We identify neurons in area LIP and PRR that fire coherently with LFP activity recorded locally in the same area as well as long-range in the other area. We then study the relationship of the firing of the coherent neurons to on-going behavior. The coherently-active neurons appear to play a privileged role in decisions about where to look and reach as well as in how we coordinate look-reach movements. I will discuss how the results are broadly consistent with a role for spike-field coherence in inter-areal communication. If time allows, I will then turn to neural engineering and the problem of building a brain-machine interface using LFP activity. Since LFPs are easier to record than spiking signals, the findings may accelerate development of this technology.

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