In coherence with INT and Timone Neurosciences Hub, the sector for Integrated Pharmacology, Clinical and industry interface (PiCii), aims to favor translational research, transfer and exploitation to industry and society. The scientific scope “Neuronal Function, Protection and Repair: integrated pharmacology and imaging”, the clinical scope “Aging & Neurodegenerative Disorders, Trauma & Stress, Addiction, Rare diseases,” the approaches “pharmacology, pharmacoepidemiology, motor and non motor behavior, Electrophysiology, Genetics , Functional and Molecular Imaging” the exploitation activities (preclinical and clinical) and project management allow to deliver on time added value to fundamental research teams. More specifically, the OrphanDev network (FCRIN) is fully dedicated to orphan drug development (clinical trials) and regulatory aspects (Orphan Drug Designation). Finally, the Sector has a long experience in building European consortia, submitting applications and getting funds.

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